Falling Down is An Art form, So I’m An Artist!

woman worker

I put this pic in because I needed the inspiration. I can do more than just fall down well.  

Today saw me literally falling out of my car.  FALLING OUT OF MY CAR.  Who DOES THAT?  I opened the door and it was as if my feet and legs couldn’t cooperate enough to manage a foot-on-the-pavement solid step movement, so instead opted for the next best thing and just decided to slide me under my car.  As soon as my foot touched the ground, I slid uncontrollably under my driver’s side door.  There was no attempt at grabbing anything to stop the decent from happening, I just went with the motion and kept on going.  I even shut my door.  It was kinda graceful, really.  In slow motion, I would have looked like an elegant ballerina deciding to check the underside of my car…with my feet.  In my defense, the pavement was a sheet of ice from all that freezing rain crap…but still…SLID OUT OF MY CAR.  Ugh.  AND, Friend witnessed the aftermath as I sat on the freezing ground deciding if I should attempt to stand, or just stay the hell down there…so she laughed…all the way into bootcamp.  FRIENDS ARE AWESOME.

AND, I finished a bootcamp class, thank you very much.

A million burpees and several thousand push-ups…I’m sure it was that many.  At the very least…I lost count.


What did you do today?