False Hope

Introducing my Romance Suspense novel, False Hope. Look for the sequel titled False Witness coming in late 2021! I hope you enjoy the journey!

Ashley Wells is a young woman making her way in Toronto when she meets Jaxon Fuller, a handsome young lawyer. They team up in the office for work and romance, but there is something different about Jax. Ashley is torn between her love for him and the mysteries he seems to hide behind. She soon becomes entangled in a dangerous game between organized crime and the people determined to dismantle their organization.

When Jax disappears from her life, she is left bereft and forced to continue with her information gathering which costs her dearly. Armed with a new determination for justice, Ashley confronts the killer of her best friend with grit and unwavering loyalty. Jax and his team return to release Ashley from the grips of the mob boss determined to end her. Their brief relationship rebounds as she sets out on a new life in new surroundings.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for checking out this gripping Romantic Tale! Stay tuned for more adventures!