Wine Tales, A Podcast

My new podcast, Wine Tales, is all about laughing. Sit back and kick your feet up and enjoy!


Episode 1

Show notes: Kiddie Ride, MY ASS

An innocent trip to Disney ends up being a memorable flight into terror as KJ maneuvers her way out of a kiddie ride from hell. She shrugs off the shame-glares of three-year-olds and stares down the barrel of the next big adventure, the dreaded ski lift. From her neighbourhood DH ladies and their trips into far away lands, KJ will have you in stitches with her irreverent tale of “the time I was traumatized by a Disney ride.”

Episode 2

Show notes: Raunchy Songs and Other Inappropriate Parenting

In this episode, KJ will enlighten you on a parenting style she hopes no one will ever strive to emulate. Moms and Dads pay close attention on how KJ handles a non-verbal toddler in public when an ‘inappropriate’ song choice wreaks havoc on a simple shopping trip.   


Episode 3

Show Notes: Disney is Trying to Fucking Kill Me

Join KJ as she once again journeys down to Disney and gets into the mishap to end all mishaps. An innocent run in the rain turns into a beat down of epic proportions as she battles torrential rain and cement parking barriers on her way to the safety of her parked vehicle. No one does it quite like KJ.