Hello, and welcome to my Author page.  I’m so glad you decided to have a look around!

 Here, you will find general information and links to my books. At the top of the banded header, you will find tabs for my blog, and each book individually. If you glance to the right of the page, you will find the opportunity to connect with me via social media.  As you scroll down, you will discover a space to enter your email to get updates and notifications of new blog posts. Don’t be shy! Say hello!

 Enjoy looking around and thanks for stopping by.


KJ Ivany is an Author, Writer, Blogger and all-around do-it-yourself-er with passive-aggressive tendencies and a penchant for tripping. Gravity sucks.

I have a husband I refer to as Hubby, three kids who are wonderful and give me mountains of material to write about, a puppy we call Magalicious because she’s ‘special’ and so weird its delicious, and great friends who support and endure my unending questions, as well as, my run-on sentences.  I’m easily distracted, directionally challenged and prone to wandering.  Basically, I need a forum where I can detail my journey of days spent wandering the streets and getting ‘misplaced’ at the grocery store.  It’s all fun people…


My new Crime Thriller titled Kevin, Murder Beneath the Pines is a gripping tale of one man’s search for a missing woman and the horrific events that follow him. 

Check out my debut Romantic Suspense novel, False Hope. The tale of a young woman who falls hopelessly for Jaxon Fuller only to discover he is not who he seems.

My short story collection including my favorites from my blog. It’s an eclectic collection ranging from the childhood trauma of double dutch tournaments to tragic romantic encounters.

Happy reading and thanks so much for your support!


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    • Hey, Hotsie! I have been fine. Working and busy-ness is keeping me, well, busy. How are you doing? Back to posting a lot I see…can’t keep up with the likes of you. I shall visit you over there soon…

      • I’m posting a lot more, but not writing much more. To be honest, it’s mostly reposts, with the occasional new thing thrown in.

        Glad to hear you’re good, though! Man, it’s been a long time, and I’ve been remiss in my visits of cool AF people like you! The President of Canadia!

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