Fall With a Side of Jesus Toast

Fall seems to have arrived with a little trepidation around these parts. After a ghastly August by all accounts…we were away during August, but the reports were not good…September has been kinda-okay. And I say that while inhaling slowly and crossing my fingers that the rain that is currently beating down the windows will only last for today and give way to sunny skies and mild temps once again. That has been the norm this month….

fall leaves
So, that ends the weather portion of this blog post. In other news, I haven’t died.
Or fallen off Signal Hill.
Or been recruited to solicit Jesus pamphlets door-to-door…although, that does sound like a hoot, doesn’t it?
Because I wouldn’t be able to pander Jesus pamphlets with a straight face and without being a tad sarcastic….”No, really lady you need to know about Jesus. I have this plastic Jesus mold right here that can be used to make toast in Jesus’ likeness, so every morning you can make Jesus toast and feel like you’ve truly had a Blessed Breakfast”… “or Holy Bread” ….JESUS EGGS!!! OMG that would be great. Jesus eggs…the ultimate in Sacred Omelets….why hasn’t any breakfast chains like IHop picked up on this yet?
Come in for Sunday brunch and have Jesus Toast and Holy Eggs cooked the way He would like…sunny side up, but hold the pork products.
Forget the Last Supper, how about the Blessed Breakfast?
Bountiful Brunch?
Sorry, I’ll stop now.
This has been a wonderful distraction. I’ll get back to doing whatever it was I was doing before the whole Jesus thing began.
I’m glad we had this talk.

It's Jesus!  In toast!  Brilliant.

It’s Jesus! In toast! Brilliant.

6 thoughts on “Fall With a Side of Jesus Toast

  1. I got my monthly visit from the Jehovas Witness crowd last week. I met the lady at the door and informed here that I wasn’t interested in a pamphlet. (I don’t have a wood stove any more, so I didn’t need the pamphlet to light it. those things burned so well). She looks at me and says “Oh we don’t pass out pamphlets any longer. we are gone high tech!”
    High Tech? Jehovas Witness are high tech???
    “Check us out” she says, “We are online! http://www.jq.org
    Too much. Now what am I going to light the firepit with?

    • Excellent question…I can’t believe they are online. Seems like only yesterday they were coming to the door with children and looking at me with pity saying I was not going to enter the Kingdom of Heaven…wait. That was yesterday!! Damnit.

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