I was so desperate for a subject to post today I went searching on Google for writing topics.  I began reading down a list until I realized they were grouped into categories of grades.  Grade 1 topics were those of picnics, favorite zoo animals, my bestest friend;  then there were Grade 2 topics that had to do with my family, the best thing to do at recess, and so on.  I kinda liked the topics from Grade 1 the best…not sure what that says about me.  So tomorrow’s topic should be titled ‘Zebras, The Misunderstood Zoo Animal”.  Bound to be an engaging and stimulating topic.  Maybe I’ll color a picture and post that too!

Inadvertently, while searching for topics I decided to do some family tree hunting. Funny how the topic of zoo animals prompted thoughts about my family.  Oh, yeah.  Live inside my head for a while…Anyway, researching dead family members is probs not the thing to do without oodles of time and energy and cash in your wallet.  Holy Crap, I thought was supposed to be a free service.  It’s only free as far as entering your name.  Everything else seems to be a pay-per-view service.  Dammit, Jim I don’t have that kind of power!  Pay to see obits and death certificates and census reports?  Hmmm…let me think.  Uh, no.  No thanks.  As wonderfully dry as that sounds, I think I’ll move on to something with a little more juice in its container…. Cartoon videos?!  Yee-haw!!!

I’ve not visited my Twitter account in weeks, but somehow I still get new followers.  Are they following me because they think I’m awesome and just the quiet type?  Or are they following me because they think they’ll get a ‘follow’ back?  Or is it my winning smile and effervescent personality??  Hmmm….they must think that I’m following them back.  How can they tell my personality from a few random tweets? I should shake them up a bit and tweet “Yo, assholes.  What up ma homies?  Y’all givin’ me ‘noia to the most. Stay outta ma ‘hood, yo.  Word”  Yeah.  That’s the essence of my personality right there.  That should bring on a whole new group of followers who should NOT be on twitter…or any other form of social media….

In the meantime, I’m practicing my drawing and coloring for the zoo animal topic.  What do you think so far?

zoo animal

Yeah.  I’m practically awesome.