Texts With Daughter

Texts with D2 as I wait to pick her up from rowing practice:

Me: Here

D2: —–

Me: Kinda no place to park so…

D2: —–

Me: You should maybe rush a little.

D2: ——-

Me: Still here

D2: ——

Me: Nice Police man drove by and I waved.  I think if he comes back he’ll make me move.

D2: ——–

Me:  Your response and caring are overwhelming

D2:  ———

Me: Waiting patiently kind of

D2: ———-

Me: People are mad at me for blocking traffic

D2: ——–

Me: They’re probably calling me mean and nasty names now


Me: Like yucky face and poo-poo head

D2:  ——

Me:  The police man came back


Me:  He’s now yelling at me furiously.  I probably shouldn’t have stuck my tongue out at him.


Me:  I’m now making a scene and he’s giving me a ticket.

D2: ——-

Me:  You’ll have to call your father for a ride home as I’m now in the back of the police car going to RNC headquarters.

D2: ————

Me:  Get bail money ready.


Me: I see you’re stunned into silence by my behavior


Me: They let me go since I know *people*


Me: Now I’m parked safely facing the lake.  It’s lovely.  So glad you care.

*I watch as D2 exits the boat she’s been in the entire conversation*

Me:  Ignore all my previous texts


Me:  Here


19 thoughts on “Texts With Daughter

  1. LOL … priceless. Realizing D2 is a teen, I kept wondering how this would end … so great surprise!

    Reminded me when (last summer) we were in a town that had a small lake in the center, which on our day there, had 20-person dragon boat racing.

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