Attack of The Crows

Current events in our city has prompted this drawing.  Crows are attacking innocent peeps in a terrifying Hitchockian manner!  Residents walking downtown minding their own business and totally not shouting or mocking the birds.  Observe:

A picture is worth a thousand words...or at least a few hundred

A picture is worth a thousand words…or at least a few hundred

Now you are officially informed.

Pray for us….or send slingshots.  At least that way we could charge admission to the public for their chance to play the game called “Scare The Crap out of the Crows” If someone actually hits one, they win a free bucket o’chicken.

Artwork by Kayjai



20 thoughts on “Attack of The Crows

  1. Yes, even the trees bear horrified witness to this avian apocalypse.
    Have you thought about dangling shiny things outside of town?
    Or is that just magpies?

    • See, I so had to google her to make sure you were referring to the same movie…Tippie so eclipses her in everyone’s minds…including mine

  2. Thanks to this post (okay mostly the picture), I saw a couple of birds dive bombing down and I couldn’t stop laughing. Hope the birds calm down soon. And I agree, Nickelback + Avril = evacuated town.

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