Get Off Of My Cloud


I’m surrounded by assholes.  Seriously.  What is up with people?!  Has the Asswit Squad decided to descend among the general population and dispense it’s flagrant idiocy to us unsuspecting innocents?

I have found lately that I am more sensitive to the shit that is routinely dispensed in my environment.  I refuse to acknowledge the presence of jackwits who fuck everything up then complain that others aren’t doing their jobs.  Ugh. I realize that the current economic fragility has people more than a little anxious, but fuck off and get on with it.  Really.

Is it necessary to vent that you are ‘not a chauffeur’ even though you volunteered to drive people to the event in the first place?

And excuse me asswit, but who made you the king of all things right?  I realize you’ve been around the block, but bragging how you know everything, does not win any popularity points or put you in good with anyone deemed responsible for your pay cheque.  Dough-head.

And telling people to use another door when you demanded they come in, then not have adequate snow removal is fucked-up.  Just sayin’.

I probably could go on a little more here, but you get my gist.  Stop complaining and do what you need to do.  I’m reeeeaaallly trying to be positive here, so either get with the whole ‘the-world-is-fucking-magical-and-I-love-it’ thing, or move on.  I’m tired of assholes messing up my more than rosy outlook on life.  I’m freakin’ happy here!


Can’t you see the effervescent glow of my joy and the glare of the sunshine and rainbows projecting out of my ass? The unicorn you just ran over with your Jeep was my one piece of happiness that was getting me through my less-than-blithesome day!   That happy face you just shot a hole through with your sawed-off shotgun was the symbol of my everlasting faith in humanity.  It gave me hope that peace and love prevail over the evil and negative forces that invade my space on a daily basis…meaning you, you fuckhead.  Get off of my cloud!  Ugh…..

smiley face

In conclusion, I would just like to say for you asshats to keep your negativity out of my space, please.  It takes all of me to be this friggin’ happy during the worst month of the year and I’m currently basking in the glory of a job well done on that front.  AND…I said ‘please’.  That should count for something, dammit.

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