Go On, B’y! Me?! You Really Like Me?!! Aww….









I just received an award from Sightsnbytes that’s called the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness (?) I think?  Is that what the sign says? Yeah.  Anywho, tanks to Sights who was very flattering and beyond kind.  I shall state the rules as they have been outlined to me.  They are as follows:

State 10 things about yourself

Link 10 bloggers who shall be deemed able to accept such award and let them know they have received it.  (I would do this, however, I’m not sure I know 10 bloggers and the ones I do know, may not be all gaga over getting yet another award) so in seeing that, I shall do the other things I’m supposed to…if I can remember what they be.  Yeah.

First…ten semi-interesting things that you peeps are dying to know about me:

1. I drink coffee with half French Vanilla

2.  My puppy freaks me out

3.  I hate losing at party games.  It pisses me off

4. I’m a lot like Raj from Big Bang Theory.  I only speak to people (sarcastically) when alcohol is in my system.

5. I married my first boyfriend…and we are still married. (22 yrs this August)

6. I decided that the number on my scale does not reflect my true personality and I no longer give a shit.  So there.

7.  I feel very blessed that I have great neighbours who are my family more than just my neighbours.

8.  I can’t imagine life without chocolate

9.  I yell at people when I’m driving

10.  I also sing loudly in the car when I’m alone…it doesn’t necessarily need to be moving. The car, I mean. My neighbours can attest to that, I’m sure.

So, now you have an in-depth peek at what my fam and co-worker has to deal with on a daily basis.  Be thankful you are where you are, people.  If you want a rundown on some awesome bloggers, take a gander to the right at the blogroll of awesomeness and check them all out.  They are all entertaining and enlightening.

Thanks again, Sights and blog-on fellow bloggers!  May the booze be with you!