An Open Letter to The World

Dear World,


I realize that I am but one little speck of human on a wide open expanse of earth and sea, and my insignificance outweighs any thoughts I may hold in my little head, but I feel the need to voice them. Please humour me this one time, will’ya?

Yesterday was awful. A terrible day in Canadian history. We lost one beautiful courageous young man who was simply doing his duty by standing guard and representing our country. We also lost a young man on Monday who was run down for wearing a Canadian Armed Forces uniform. I ask you…WHAT IS GOING ON?!

It’s heartbreaking to watch the events of the past month unfold as they have.  Deadly viruses threatening the lives of hard working people, extremists and terrorists killing innocents simply for representing the country they love, people killing people out of hatred for their sexual orientation and skin colour.  It’s inane and I don’t know what to do about it…except to inundate the media with positivity.

Let’s outshine the bastards.  Let’s put out a unified voice of strength and patriotism.  We shall not be intimidated, run down or killed for being positive forces in the world.

I am imploring the world to fight the good fight. Someone on Facebook this morning had the right idea.  Instead of asking our military to NOT wear their uniforms, let’s all wear uniforms.  Let’s put on our Canadian symbols and wear the shit out of them.  Let’s have a sea of red and white.  Let’s put on our combat shit, paint our faces and fly our flags.  Let’s support our young men and women who stand at the War Memorials and who stand on guard at the military bases, who protect our waters and who go to war on our behalf to not always return.  The two young men who died this week at the hands of terrorists, should not die in vain.

Fly our colours, wear our uniforms and be proud of who we are.  That’s what they did. So should we.

Thanks for listening, World.

I remain, your truly

Kayjai, A Proud Canadian Girl

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