The Refrigerator Challenge

The Challenge:  To see if I can stuff all of the food from the big refrigerator/freezer currently taking up space in ma kitchen and put it in the smaller refrigerator/freezer residing in the basement that we use as a beer fridge.

Why?: The pretty refrigerator that is now a pretty upscale picture hanger, shorted the fuck out.  Not my fault by the way!!

The Story: One day, after a hard day at work, I decided that I would enjoy a nice cold beverage.  In order to achieve the desired cold temperature, ice was a necessity.  In retrieving said ice from the ice dispenser…crushed, not cubed, the refrigerator made a loud ‘pop’  sound, followed by sparks and a random shut down of all systems.  On the ‘mutha board’ of the fridge, the ominous green glow of the following statement made me rethink ma stance on a robot invasion:


Thanks, Fridge.

WTF?:  Exactly what I said.  In hopes of discovering the cause of such a dramatic ice dispensing event, I opened the ice dispenser.  Lo and behold, I noticed the two dangling wires…WIRES??!  Yes.  Dangling wires.  Not a good sign.   Further investigation provided the cause of the shorting out.  There was a white sensor-thingy wrapped tightly around the ice dispensing auger which can only suggest that the sensor thingy was also dangling and thus became entwined in the auger when the ice dispenser was engaged.

What now?:  The pretty fridge has since been unplugged and remains a menacing reminder of all things digital that can go horribly awry simply by using it.   All food has been removed and promptly stuffed in an alternate location.  If you’re looking for ketchup, its search and rescue time, kids ‘cause I have no sweet clue where it is in that beer container we call a fridge downstairs.  Oh, yeah.  And sooo happy to be running up and down the stairs to get milk every five fucking minutes.

As for the beer…good luck with that!!!  I think it’s stuffed behind the lettuce and the sour cream on the opposite side of the mayonnaise and inside the pop container that we emptied and filled with apples…cause, where else are we gonna put the apples???

First question at DH which I hosted on Sunday night:  Got any ice??

Barney awesome

14 thoughts on “The Refrigerator Challenge

  1. It’s obvious that you need to drink all the beer so you have room for all the other stuff.

    You’re welcome.
    (And you’d have plenty of ice if Canada didn’t insist on sending all its cold to nyc!!!

    • I agree…but we were trying to be polite and share. We like doing shit like that. As for the beer, I’m lucky it’s the weekend so we can drink it all. The food has to go somewhere! Cheers!

  2. I’m back – in case you didn’t notice I was away. 🙄
    Can the big white coat-hanger be repaired, or must it be expensively replaced? Mine throws cubes into a storage bin, but, apparently, the we’ve-got-enough sensor is on strike. Open the bin and get cascading cubes. I turn it off for a week, then refill the bin. Good luck! 🙂

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