Welcome! Have A Seat…

Welcome to my new Kayjai site!  Glad you could stop by.  In order to guide you a bit around my new digs I’ll detail the setup to get you all familiar and stuff.

  At the top, you will notice some pages.  My About page is well, about me.  My What The Fuck page contains points on what makes me say WTF? Many times a day.  My The Truth page is just that.  The truth.  And finally, you will see a page marked Disorderly Weekly.  Here I have outlined the plans for a weekly series highlighting various disorders and Learning Disabilities that are prevalent today.  With the new DSM V coming out soon (I know all of you are anxiously waiting with bated breath), there have been some name changes to the disorders, but the disorders themselves remain the same.  It’s the people coping with these issues that I want to highlight.  Each Monday I will outline a particular disorder and personalize it…with real people.  That’s the plan.  To have real people, really engaged in real every day stuff.  Really.

My sidebar is chalked with other blogs that are awesome and I urge you to visit, read and engage with all of these wonderful people.

Take a seat, relax and take a look around.  Just don’t spill anything on the carpet.  I just had it cleaned.


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