Snow Storms and Swearing

The impending snow storm has various members of our community in a tizzy.  The grocery stores and supermarkets should be inundated with hoards of people ready to buy the last banana and potato chip bag left on the quickly depleting shelves.  I dare say the liquor store is the busiest. Afterall, what is a major snowstorm without the booze and Doritos?  Bring it, snow Gods we have our beer and are ready to partay!!   All I need is a 60cm snow drift in front of my door to block out the asshats who think snow storms are for driving around in and MUST GET TO WORK!  What??!!  I can’t hear you with the 100km/hr winds drowning out your sorry excuse of a yell…go home!  No!  I can’t help push your tiny smart car down the street…Ugh…

I can’t talk about what I really want to talk about because I’m not fully exonerated from my sins yet, so I will say this instead…um…..fuck. 

I sincerely enjoy that word.

Fuckity, fuck-fuck, fuck…shit.  Dammit…fuck-poop…

My verbal cussing is enjoyable for me.  Sorry if you-

Wait…nope, can’t apologize…I’m not sorry. 

I’m not fucking sorry.

There, that’s better.




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