The Truth

The Truth is invariably whatever you believe it to be.  There are more quotes about what real ‘truth’ is or that it will set you free or that truth is your salvation, but really, the truth is your perception.  Your belief of something to be true.  “I am your inconvenient truth” is my tagline.  Basically, I am an annoying asshole but at least I’m honest.   And I don’t color or sugar coat it all pretty and dress it up in a pink fluffy tutu to make you think of puppies and ballerinas and shit.  I could do that if you want, but it wouldn’t be true.  Just fake and inauthentic.  You wouldn’t want me to be inauthentic, would you?  Yeah.  I didn’t think so….

Truth is “Supreme reality, holding the ultimate meaning and value of existence”  from Wkipedia.  Approved by Jesus.  And Wikipedia… where ALL things are true, dammit. 

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