I have a husband I refer to as Hubby, three kids who are wonderful and give me mountains of material to write about, a puppy we call Magalicious because she’s ‘special’ and so weird its delicious, and great friends who support and endure my unending questions as well as my run-on sentences.  I’m easily distracted, directionally challenged and prone to wandering.  I swear A LOT, so if you’re looking for upward correctedness, this ain’t it…

Basically, I need a forum where I can say ‘fuck’ without the pained expressions from the parents on the PTA glaring at me from afar and where I can detail my journey of days spent wandering the streets and getting ‘misplaced’ at the grocery store.  It’s all fun people…

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    • Hey, Hotsie! I have been fine. Working and busy-ness is keeping me, well, busy. How are you doing? Back to posting a lot I see…can’t keep up with the likes of you. I shall visit you over there soon…

      • I’m posting a lot more, but not writing much more. To be honest, it’s mostly reposts, with the occasional new thing thrown in.

        Glad to hear you’re good, though! Man, it’s been a long time, and I’ve been remiss in my visits of cool AF people like you! The President of Canadia!

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