Human Ability

The term ‘disability’ is one I just don’t like. It implies the lack of ability. It also seems to be a subject that few people wish to discuss. Few wish to acknowledge its existence in the world. Let’s close our eyes and pretend not to see the kid in the wheelchair or the one who seems to be playing alone and not want attention. Let’s not focus on the one who requires gastrostomy tube feedings or the one who is blind and hearing impaired. Let’s turn around when the child on the Autism Spectrum is screaming because her schedule has abruptly changed, her routine is suddenly incoherent to her, her safety has disappeared and she needs it back. Now.
Let’s just not see that, or hear that or acknowledge that.
How about we pause for a minute and rethink the decision to not acknowledge or focus or see? How about WE become less disabled in our thinking regarding people with challenges and instead, become more aware, more focused and more accepting?
How about we become more human?
That would be nice. To accept people as they are. To be less judgmental, less lazy in our thinking that because someone has a ‘disability’ that he is less in ability? Less capable? Less knowledgeable? Less human? I don’t think so.
Some of the most creative intelligent people who I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with have been diagnosed with some challenge or another. They find new ways to learn, to cope and to adjust and BECAUSE of their challenge, they become more capable and more creative. They think up new ways to adapt to reading a text book, or interpreting a question or maneuvering their way through a complicated building, even braving a new environment alone.
Nobody’s perfect and we all have our constraints and idiosyncrasies. We all have limits to what we can do physically, emotionally and mentally, but when those limits are made the focus of attention and lauded as something that makes one less capable, less knowledgeable or less of a human being, that’s wrong. No one deserves being made to feel less, of anything.
So, let’s change our language and our focus. Let’s change our attitudes and adjust our thinking just a tad. We are all the same. We all function on one distinct and universal level. We are all human. We all deserve respect and to be treated fairly. We all deserve a voice.
The right to be heard, to be seen and to be recognized as a viable and contributing member of the world is what we all want.
Let’s give those who may need a louder voice, that chance too.

I’ve Done Nothing Wrong…Again.

I watched Oprah’s Soul Sunday last night. Big mistake. Some lady named Iyanla (?)was on ( I did Google her and she has written a ton of books, is a lawyer and ‘spiritual leader’ and motivational speaker, a life coach and has her own TV show. I have a dog who hates people. You draw your own conclusions there) and the big question was ‘What do you Know for sure?’

Her answer: I know for sure that God loves me and that I have done nothing wrong.
That statement hit me hard.
I almost threw my glass of wine at the TV.
I’ve done nothing wrong.
How many people can say that they’ve done nothing wrong? Ever. Like, never done ANYTHING wrong. Is that even possible?
Like, you never climbed the tree your mother told you not to and then ripped your pants but instead of coming clean, you lied about it then confessed later in a sob-filled snotty cryfest that made your mom say that God was watching and not to lie anymore and you still had ripped pants only then you felt even worse ‘cause God knew you lied and then your mother knew you lied and you just ended up being a big crybaby lying liarface afraid that God will watch you the next time you climb the tree your mother told you not to and then He would be up there nodding His head and writing your name down on some blacklist that says ‘that lying-red-headed kid is going to be trouble’?
Not that that’s ever happened to me personally, I’m just asking.
Is she saying that in a metaphysical existential way, like I can never do anything wrong because no one can judge me, but God? So, ‘being wrong’ is never an actual state of being because nobody can be wrong, because God is God and only He can judge who is right and who is wrong? So, extending that, if you follow the golden rule and follow what God says is right, you can never be wrong?
That sounds a bit over-confident. Maybe even a tad arrogant.
Arrogance is wrong.
Ergo, you are wrong.
According to God.
And me.
I just confused myself. And used the word ‘ergo’…
I didn’t do anything wrong…this time. I think. My pants are still intact. I didn’t climb any trees lately and then lie about it, so. I’m good…
AND THIS is why I shouldn’t watch Oprah.

That's right!  I'm awesome!

That’s right! I’m awesome! And have never done anything wrong, either!

Fun Times

The month of July felt more like October and the dawning of August remained daunting, at first. Once August fully arrived, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the final arrival of sunshine and warmth. It seemed to bloom and flourish with the fervor of a kid on a new bike. The flowers grew skyward, the birds sang songs of joy, the grass finally turned a dark shade of green and we were able to sit out on our patios and decks with drinks in hand and relish a season we thought had forgotten us. Ahhh….summer. A few precious weeks we knew would be short lived, but we savoured every minute, nonetheless. During those evenings of peace and wine sipping, I made a mental list of things that I had vowed to do this year and managed to accomplish…or not.
Since making my New Year’s resolution (remember that?) to have more fun, I think so far, I’m getting that. I managed to conquer my fear on the shortest but most effective zipline ride evah; I vowed to train for the Tely 10 and managed to train and run the ten mile race despite my weak final kilometer; daughter secured her place in rowing history by making the ‘First Ever’ list in the local Regatta. She is the first and only female to cox a men’s team to a championship Triple Crown. That was hardly my accomplishment; however, it was fun to watch and exciting to lay witness to a local historical moment. I got some house stuff completed like staining decks, painting the main floor of the house and planting a new flowerbed in the backyard. I read a few books, and have entered a new foray of fitness by joining a local early morning bootcamp. The Bootcamp was more for getting out and doing something out of my comfort zone than it was for the actual exercise.

Oh sure, who doesn’t enjoy getting her ass kicked three times a week? My point by joining the group was to experience something different and new with different people. Getting out there and enjoying something that may be challenging and fun at the same time. Being brave enough to venture into unknown territory and come out still standing.
Who knows what I’ll do next? That’s the joy and ‘fun’ in doing something outside of your own line of sight. There is always something moving and shaking in your peripheral. See it, grab it and do it if you dare. It may be something you love or hate, but you won’t know until you at least try.
Speaking of fun…. I decided to buy a bag of those Dairy Milk chocolate buttons. They’re chocolate AND they’re buttons…how fun is that?! They basically fool you into thinking you’re only eating delicate little buttons of chocolate instead of a huge bar. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…. It works out to the same thing, but I like the delusion, okay?
Anyway, when I opened the package, THERE WERE NO BUTTONS!   WTF Dairy Milk?!    It was one large solid hunk where all the little buttons had melted together and then cooled into one solid mass. Ugh. I was so looking forward to little buttons…. Not deterred, I sauntered on down to ma basement and took out the biggest hammer I could find, and hammered it to bits. Take THAT Dairy Milk! They are no longer buttons nor a solid mass, but little itty bits. I’m not sure that’s better….maybe I’ll melt them again….

iphone 2015 538
Fun times.